Republic Ropes was founded by Joey and Kenna Hermes in Schulenburg, Texas.

Our ropes are produced in a factory that concentrates on quality above anything else. We believe that rope making is more art and less science and that skilled attention to detail is what will produce a quality rope consistently.

We want our customers to know that our ropes are “made for them” and that if they want something “tweaked”, all they have to do is ask us. We are a small proud company and we will work hard to gain customer trust and business. We won’t try to tell the customer what they want, we will ask the customer what they need.


"I had wanted to invest in a rope company during the late 80’s, but certain circumstances made this impossible. Some 27 years later Kenna and I established Republic Ropes LLC in May of 2016. During these last 27 some odd years we have built 3 companies from startup and have sold them. Kenna and I have officially “retired” now from the rat race and our company Republic Ropes will do our best and succeed at what has been a passionate idea for all these years.

 Our objective is to produce the best roping ropes in the world and have fun doing it." - J & K